MY mission

To Exploit my talents to make the world a better place.

My vision

To live in a world with EQUITY that respects the values of Human Rights, Animal Rights & Consreves the Environment.


Seek first the Kingdom of GOD & the rest will be added onto you

Our liberation is inseperable with the liberation of others, so for us to be truly free, the welfare of

your brother lies in your hands. So love your neighbour as you love yourself


OMARE SAMUEL TAI son of David Omare & Joyce Mitema was born on 27/09/1992 at MATHARE NORTH HOSPITAL in Nairobi Kenya

He is the last child in a family of 3 with a bigger sister LYDIA OMARE & The eldest His brother ERIC GISEMBA

He is currently in his last year KCA University pursuing a BACHELOR IN BUSINESS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

He has a unique skillset that he is using to change the world one step at a time

Mostly he is a Poet, Musician, Sportsman, writer & also a defender of Human & Animal Rights as well as Environment Conservation

I mostly believe that we are more Human Becomingness & not beings.. So always strive to become